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Anne Vandycke, Grace, Oil on Linen on Tri-Mar Aluminium Stretchers, 30x36inches, sm.jpg


In an era defined by relentless change and the ever-accelerating pace of our societies, the art series known as ‘Horizon 2030’, takes us on a journey that delves us deep into the transformation of our world, highlighting the relentless pursuit of speed and efficiency, often at the expense of stability and reflection. ‘Horizon 2030’ serves as a visual narrative, capturing the essence of a society caught in a perpetual state of flux. 


The series 'Energetic Flows', 'Energetic Rhythm', 'Transition', 'Innovation' are part of the continuity of the larger series known as 'Horizon 2030'. The idea is to explore the constant change in our society and the way we interact with this perpetual change in search of innovation, in search of capturing attention at any price and in this chaos in search of stillness to find a sense in our existence.

Each piece within the series invite viewers to contemplate the implications of our unceasing drive towards progress. 

The artworks within the series are a fusion of innovation and reflection.

The canvases explode with dynamic brushstrokes and vibrant colors, mirroring the rapid transformations of our world, or at the opposite softer tonalities and space give a sense of calm reflexion. Amidst the chaos, there are moments of stillness and contemplation, reminding us of the importance of pausing in the face of unrelenting progress.


As we navigate the uncharted waters of a world where the only constant is change, the art series challenges us to reconsider our relationship with time, progress, and the pursuit of the horizon. It beckons us to engage in a thoughtful dialogue about the consequences of our relentless pursuit of the future and invites us to contemplate the true nature of stability in an ever-evolving world.

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