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Art is for me a free expression of the mind and senses. It opens the door of imagination to make sense of it. It is the expression of unconscious experiences and for this reason there will never be one single meaning given to a work but only the meaning that each of us puts in it.


Horizon 2030 reflects a horizon which seems to be far away but with the constant change and the acceleration of our societies, it’s becoming closer. Always go faster, be even more efficient at any price. The state of change is more than ever a constant, which is a paradox as a constant should be stable but it’s not the case.


Nothing is predefined but everything is possible : a form that transcends an existing framework to extract an infinity of possibilities, source of innovation, a   color that seeks to make the work emotionally intense, a rupture that reflects a state of change, that of the environment or that of the world around us. 


Everything is possible, such as my brush strokes that follow a free abstract movement in search of a perfect balance, the one between the colors, the lines, the shapes, the tensions, the emotions and my own vision.



Anne Vandycke has exhibited in the US and France, at venues including the National Academy Museum, NY, the Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY, the N.A.W.A. Gallery, NY, The Other Art Fair, NY, the Ad Art Show at Sotheby’s, NY, The Ad Art Show digitally on the LinkNYC screens and at the Oculus Westfield World Trade Center screens, NY, in a Family Office for a Solo show, Paris, France. Born in Belgium, Vandycke studied Art in New York at Columbia University in an Advanced Intensive Painting Program, at the National Academy School & Museum in the Studio Art Intensive Program and Graphic Design at the Parsons, The New School. Before, she attended Universities in Belgium and France and earned three Masters in Economic Field. This background has influenced her painting and give a certain strength to her work. She lives and works in New York City.


I'm a member of the National Association of Women Artists, being represented in the Member Gallery.

The Association promotes culture and education in the visual arts through exhibitions of its members’ works, educational programs, scholarships, awards, its historical archive and other appropriate means. While encouraging contemporary and emerging artists, the Association honors and continues the long and important contribution of women to the history of American culture and art.

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Anne Vandycke Studio LLC

New York, NY, USA

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